About Us


Our Mission

United Covenant Churches of Christ is made up of more than 20,000 members globally. The movement exists to build an innovative, ethnically, culturally, and racially diverse organization through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. It promotes the growth of local churches and creates a resourceful and meaningful networking environment for pastors. Further, it emphasizes the need for and importance of theological and secular academics. U.C.C.C is designing programs to foster higher learning to cultivate well-rounded clerical leadership world-wide. Most importantly, It seeks to develop “oneness” in the body of Christ based on biblical-sound teaching and the principles and culture of God.

Our Vision

United exists to develop strong functioning and growing churches by equipping, endorsing, and encouraging them towards excellence, on their level through classes, one-on-one coaching, and church consultations.

Our History

A group of men and women came together on May 29, 1992, at the Pentecostal Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio to form, what was then called the United Pentecostal Churches of Christ.  This meeting was called by Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II, by the will of God, and it was obvious in that session that the Lord had laid the mantle of leadership on him for this new Reformation of “whole-truth” churches. During that meeting, twenty-five pastors were present along, with more than fifty preachers of various churches.  The one unique feature of this Ecclesiastical Conclave was the “Midnight Prayer and Consecration” which convened at the adjournment of the College of Preachers on that same evening. God had called out those present with one agenda for the Twenty-first Century – “Declare the Name of Jesus, Restore the Historical Nature of the Church, Lead the Church back to Unrestrained Praise, and Loose the Women who have a Call of Christ.” Click Here For More Information


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